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Planning and logistics solution

LogForce™ provides an enterprise-wide planning and logistics solution designed to plan delivery of remote roadside inventory stock.

Over 60 % of timber transport companies in Finland currently use LogForce™.

Higher efficiency through better visibility

LogForce™ helps forestry companies reduce their transportation costs and makes transportation planning more effective. 

Hauling companies benefit through visibility of all available roadside inventories from multiple providers enabling them to plan efficient, costeffective delivery  schedules and fulfill delivery orders consistently.

Easy to use both in the office and in the field

The LogForce™ solution consists of:

The LogForce planning application to send information like transportion orders, schedules, carriage list, wood flow.

The LogForce Drive mobile application for the truck driver with an easy to use interface for the management of delivered

Fordaq.com - Fordaq SA is official reseller of Trimble's LogForce service for the forest transportation. 

www.fordaq.com - info@fordaq.com

Forest Companies

  • Reduced transportation costs 
  • Yearly savings from backloads
  • A transport-based operations model 
  • Savings from transport planning
  • Savings from support services of transport contractors
  • Savings from ICT investments


  • Transport companies can offer services to several forestry companies
  • The driver’s responsibility can be gradually increased up to a monthly plan
  • Higher utilisation of the transportation equipment
  • One solution for planning and executing operations
  • Savings due to reduced salary costs and diminishing equity tied to
    transportation equipmenthours

Who Benefits?

Key features

  • Federated management planning
  • Transport order handling from the Forest company
  • Transport planning and scheduling
  • Stock management
  • In truck map functionality (on-line/off-line)
  • Load and delivery execution
  • Delivery point information (receiving times)
  • Messaging functionality
  • Rail car management and planning

Capacity Planning

Fordaq Collaborative Software Solutions

LogForce is a collaboration platform for the transport of forestry products. It is designed for forest owners, contractors and industrial buyers.

Transport planning 

Smarter Wood Logistics

Truck driver

Forest company



Drive to a stock 

Estimate remaining inventory 

Drive to a mill gate or terminal 

Unload truck 

Process & Data Flow

Efficient Log Logistics



Allocate inventory to contractors

Update roadside inventory


Procurement unit or external supplier

Transport Planning


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